Back Camel Entrance – Figure Skating Spins (Bobbe Shire)

Figure skating spin specialist Bobbe Shire explains how she teaches the back camel entrance.  Right from the start, Bobbe notes that she does not like the common two foot entrance where the skater drags the free foot into the spin, even though it works well.  (If a skater already has that entrance and it works for them, Bobbe does not change it.)

Bobbe revisits some of the basic instruction she gave in a previous video on backspin entries.  This includes the presentation edge, the curlicue, and the hook.  Bobbe wants a specific entry (to position the body correctly and consistently).  One of the big keys to making the back camel entry work well with a lot of energy is to keep the free arm in front on the step and throughout the hook.  She also emphasizes head position.  With the recommended setup, she wants the skaters to keep their eyes focused on the end of the rink for as long as they can during the entry.

She also describes the hook, including where the weight is one the blade and the overall body alignment.  She wants the skaters to stay on a bent knee in what she calls the “mitten crunch” for one full turn before rising up into the full back camel position.

Bobbe has not really worked on the back camel entry with these skaters so this provides some great insights into how to introduce it and how it will initially go wrong.  She offers suggestions for each skater and we get to see a variety of problems and errors.  Notice the constant focus on turning out the free foot in the back camel position.


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