Camel, Layback, and Sit Spin Lesson (Charyl Brusch)

Figure skating spin specialist Charyl Brusch continues a spin lesson, covering camel spin, introduction to layback, and combination spins with camel and layback (and sit spin). This is a continuation of this lesson. Starting with camel, Charyl focuses on keeping the skating side arm in front longer during the entrance. She then focuses on the position, even having the skater perform a forward spiral as a way to feel the desired camel position better. She also adjusts the hand positions for camel.

Next, Charyl teaches this skater the basics of a layback. She has the skater place the free side arm in a half frame in front and the skating side arm behind the back. This helps keep the free side up during the layback, and the arm behind the back can help press the hips forward (or at least add awareness). The major focus here is on pressing the hips forward while avoiding just bending from the back. Charyl also explains and shows the skater how to turn the hips (in the direction of the spin) as a way to automatically allow the free leg to move behind. While in the basic layback position, Charyl does the “talk test” as it can be very difficult to talk if the skater is properly pressing the hips forward and stretching back.

Going back to camel spin, Charyl asks for a camel layback combination. After that, she has the skater do a camel sit layback combination. One tip for this combination is the transition from the sit spin to the layback. The skater should rise up out of the sit spin with the free leg still in front, then turn away from the free leg with the body and hips to press into the layback.


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