Sit Spin Challenges (Charyl Brusch)

Figure skating spin specialist Charyl Brusch continues a lesson with a young skater. In the previous part of this lesson, the focus was on the forward upright scratch spin, while this video focuses on the forward sit spin. As discussed in the previous video, this skater struggles with stepping back into the circle and this issue continues to be a problem for the sit spin.

Charyl begins by reminding the skater what to do with the free leg. She wants the free leg to remain strongly behind on the entry edge and then swing around in a relatively high position compared to the hips. She also describes where the free foot will point throughout, noting that the free toe points forward for the first part of the movement and then the heel will lead during the remainder of the movement. This skater tends to swing around high, but she’s mostly out of her knees on the hook, meaning it’s really an upright spin entry prior to entering a sit position.

Another important aspect of the sit spin is getting the upper body position right. Many skaters, this one included, struggle with enough forward upper body position to properly balance the position. A common effect of doing this incorrectly is the inability to get low enough on the skating leg. Charyl wants this skater to press the chest forward and keep the hands low by the knees, but not too low near the ice. Also, notice the effort to get the skater to arch her back, thus creating a more forward balance point (compared to a rounded back). The static position at the doorway seems to be effective for this skater to feel the correct sit position.


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