Butt Wink and Figure Skating (Kristina Anderson)

Figure skating coach and certified strength and conditioning expert Kristina Anderson discusses the concept of “butt wink” as it relates to figure skating. Butt wink is the term for when the tailbone tucks underneath the body on a squat. This is observable when the lower back rounds slightly. Kristina demonstrates butt wink and also offers insights about why it’s a problem for skaters. It’s caused by lack of mobility in the ankles, hips, and lower back.

This is especially a problem for figure skaters during sit spins, and a butt wink during a squat can help identify mobility issues affecting the sit spin. Skaters that struggle with the sit spin position, either in achieving a desirable position or being able to hold a good position, typically will exhibit butt wink on their squats. Skaters will feel the moment before a butt wink as tightness or feeling stuck, and it typically involves a weight shift on the feet as well. Working on foot and ankle mobility is very helpful to address this issue, as is attention to detail during squats.


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