Building an Axel – lesson (Audrey Weisiger)

World and Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger gives a beginning axel lesson to a young skater. This video is a continuation of a previous video where Audrey and this skater worked on air position issues and back spins (which are also axel preparations). Audrey begins this lesson with single loop jumps and her focus is primarily on control and improved control of the landing. Skaters that don’t have strong loop jump landings should probably not attempt axels. To improve this skater’s loop jump and landing, Audrey has the skater perform the jump and land in a “frame” arm position.

After the loop jumps, Audrey proceeds through a traditional progression of exercises to observe potential weaknesses and issues for moving forward. These exercises include: waltz-jump-loop-jump with arms in a frame and waltz-jump-loop-jump-backspin. Next Audrey asks for an “axel hop” which is often referred to as a “half-axel” or a “once around” or a “bell jump.” She focuses initially on the forward landing, and then making sure the skater understands the axel hop. Finally, Audrey has the skater do an axel-hop followed by a two foot turn on the landing to backwards on two feet.


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