Broken Leg Sit Spin Lesson (Kim Ryan)

Spin specialist Kim Ryan gives a young skater a lesson on her broken leg sit spin. Kim starts the lesson by analyzing and improving the skater’s forward sit spin before working on the broken leg transition and position. To improve the basic sit spin, Kim focuses on the skater’s arms by straightening them and connecting the hands (with “superglue”).

As with most skaters learning the sit spin to broken leg sit, this skater rises up during the transition. Kim offers suggestions for remaining in a low sit position throughout. The “trick” to making this transition correctly is counter-intuitive to most skaters (and coaches). The skater needs to press the body more forward which feels like “leaning forward” to most skaters and is how Kim describes it here. Another helpful hint is to keep the body twisting in the direction of the spin. This helps align the body over the skating side and allows for better balance during the transition from one position to the next. The combination of “leaning forward” and “twisting the body” is very powerful for learning the skill.

Rather than dropping out of the broken leg to exit, skaters should attempt to go from the broken leg sit to a controlled upright before exiting the spin. Kim again uses the “twisting the body” concept to help with alignment and prevent the skater from “blocking” the rotation.


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