Basic Spiral Lesson (Kate Charbonneau)

Coach Kate Charbonneau works with a skater on basic spirals. This lesson is in the context of the Pre-Preliminary and Preliminary USFS Moves in the Field tests, although the tips for control and presentation apply to all spirals. For the Pre-Pre pattern, Kate recommends doing the non-dominant foot first, so the skater ends strong by doing the more comfortable spiral. She explains the pattern in details and how to skate it.

For the Preliminary pattern, Kate explains the pattern and skates it with the skater. During the transition from one lobe to the next, Kate recommends gliding briefly on two feet to ensure control and to maximize the push power. Additionally, she wants the skater to bring the hands together in front to prepare for each new spiral, then open the arms while pushing into the spiral, and bringing them back together while finishing the lobe and coming up on two feet while preparing for the next push. She uses the keywords “push open” and “everything back together.” The goal is to make 5 lobes down the length of the ice.


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