Basic Salchow Tips (Page Lipe)

International figure skating coach Page Lipe offers some tips and insights for salchow jump development. One very common problem with the salchow is when skaters balance on the backward entry/take-off edge with their head outside the circle or tracing the skate makes on the ice. Especially during the final “hook” or “pivot” movements it’s very important that the skater’s center of mass is inside the hook circle, and one way to ensure this is to keep the head inside the circle. Page offers a way to accomplish this that is very similar to Nick Perna’s “blurb” which commonly precedes “active edges” during jumps. Just prior to the hook/pivot, Page teaches her skaters to push their heel “off” or outside the circle by internally rotating the skating leg/hip. This creates a question-mark-shaped tracing on the ice and forces the skating foot further outside the body’s center of mass.

Page takes this further and explains the full sequence of events with the knee action and active edge. Page says, “There’s a bend, lift (or stretch), and re-bend.” She notes that the timing of this can vary among skaters, and you’ll see a wide variety of salchow timing by elite skaters. Page finishes the video with the concept of pushing the take-off leg forward just as it lifts off the ice, a concept she has discussed before in her box drill video.


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