Opposite-Direction Jumping in Harness (Page Lipe)

International figure skating coach Page Lipe explains how she often trains opposite-direction jumps with her skaters in an overhead harness.  She uses opposite-direction jumps as a way to help skaters break the monotony of training.  She notes, “I have my students work on opposite jumps because it’s good for them and because it’s highly entertaining.  And if they’re having a bad day and we start working on opposites… much hilarity ensues.”  She also explains, “And then, after they work on it long enough they can actually do it and they are very proud of their accomplishments.”

Opposite jumps are primarily a way for Page to add some fun into the training process.  It also offers another opportunity for skaters to accomplish something new and challenging.  Ultimately that builds confidence.  Note that Page does not focus too much on textbook technique for these jumps.  She says, “We’re working on timing and enjoying it and having fun.”  She adds, “We don’t overthink anything when we’re doing opposites.”  Page also believes working on opposites builds body awareness, allowing skaters to better feel and understand the movements in their natural jumping direction.

In the video below, the skater attempts opposite direction axels in and out of the harness, and opposite direction double salchows in the harness.  Notice how the jump errors are typical of a skater first learning a new jump in their natural jumping direction.


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