Back Camel Spin – Part 3 – Running Three Turn Entry (Bobbe Shire)

Figure skating spin specialist Bobbe Shire continues her description of the back camel.  In Part 1, she talked at length about the back camel spin entrance and in Part 2 she discussed the back camel position in detail.  In this video, she talks about the running three-turn entrance to the back camel.  According to Bobbe, this entrance makes the back camel faster and more reliable, and it helps with the GOE since it’s a bit more unusual.  It also offers a lot of freedom in terms of program choreography.

For this entrance Bobbe says, “The hardest thing to get them (skaters) to do is to do less.  You want speed for it.  And you definitely want to keep the left arm in front.”  She also offers advice about the head position and leg position.  Bobbe continues, “If you stay in that twist those threes are just going to flip.  They’re going to turn all on their own.”  Notice the tip about lifting the free leg and the required timing.  Bobbe also explains how to get into the spin from the entrance.

Because the demonstrators have never done this entrance before, you get to see some very common errors.  It is important to keep the back down and the free leg up.  Bobbe says you need to actually feel like you’re lifting the free leg with each turn, especially on each forward three.  She also says, “When you do it in a camel position (as a back camel entrance), those threes are not even.”  The turns should not be skidded.


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