Dartfish Video Training: Using Video In The Development Process (Audrey Weisiger)

Audrey Weisiger continues her discussion of important keys to the development of all skaters (see also Development Process Reminders).  In this video, Audrey notes the need for off-ice training and she suggests that skaters learn to play a musical instrument.  Although this seems an odd suggestion at first, it highlights Audrey’s emphasis on the performance skills needed to develop as a skater.  Understanding and being aware of music is crucial for reaching the higher levels in the sport.

The primary focus of this video, however, is Audrey’s recommendation that ALL skaters and coaches study video of good skating.  Although this sounds logical and obvious, almost no coaches actually study video.  Many watch video of their own skaters, but few truly analyze the elements performed by elite skaters.

Audrey explains how to study video properly and she offers suggestions to coaches and skaters for finding and judging good elements.  As Audrey points out, it’s important to model good attempts at skating elements.  Studying the wrong video could do more harm than good.

Audrey suggests that skaters look at their own skills and compare them to the skills performed by elite athletes.  Learning by seeing is extremely powerful for many skaters whose primary learning mechanism is visual.

Audrey recommends that skaters ask their coaches for examples from IceNetwork.com to study from.  This means that coaches should do some homework and have a list of examples prepared for their skaters.  This is a great suggestion, but probably only one in twenty coaches do this for their skaters.

Audrey offers some insights about how to properly analyze and study video.  Unfortunately, this takes some time and effort but it is worth it in terms of skating success.


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