A Few Double Jumps in Lesson (Nick Perna)

International coach and jump specialist Nick Perna continues a jump lesson. In the first part of this lesson Nick taught axel and double salchow drills. In this video, they work on double toe loop, double loop, and double flip. On the double toe loop, Nick focuses on arms in the air position. He says, “You’ve got to keep them (arms) up there, and they’ve got to be firm.” He also discusses keeping a stronger core (“tight tummy”).

This skater prefers the inside three turn entrance for double loop. Nick initially allows her to use this entrance, with spin double loop, single loop double loop combo, and finally a solo double loop. But he’s more interested in the more advanced backward entrance for double loop, which he refers to here as the “straight line candy cane entrance.” He reminds her not to “swing” meaning don’t swing the arms around to create the rotation. Instead he wants the skater to have a stronger take-off edge and better alignment.

For double flip, Nick is concerted about the skater’s tendency to pull the take-off around for rotation rather than pivoting straight through in the direction of the jump. To help with this, he does a half-flip drill where the skater takes off in a strong h-position and lands forward on the axis foot, keeping the landing as straight as possible initially, before pulling in and rotating in a twizzle. He tells the skater, “Your h is still swinging too much.” He works with the skater’s alignment to try to get the take-off to be more on the axis side at lift-off. He also suggests trying to land forward on an outside edge as a way to keep it from immediately rotating.


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