Some Jump Drills (Nick Perna)

International coach and jump specialist Nick Perna gives a jump lesson, beginning with waltz jump drills. The first drill is a waltz jump, “land forward” on one foot, then snap into twizzle rotation prior to a strong landing position. For this drill to be effective, the skater should keep the twizzle “as straight as you can.  You don’t want it to be a backspin in one spot or curving.”

Nick has the skater do three of these drills in a row before modifying the drill to instead land the waltz jump backward into the twizzle. Notice how it’s harder for this skater (like most skaters) to create a fast twizzle from the backward jump landing. Before continuing, Nick asks to see 3 full waltz jumps in a row with the head up. He wants the head and eyes up, and this skater like so many, looks down at the ice while in the air on the waltz jump.

For salchow drills, Nick again asks for a “flat foot forward” landing into a twizzle. He finishes with salchow backward landing into twizzle and finally a regular salchow with a held landing.


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