What if you could confidently stroll into the rink every day with multiple new solutions to your skater's problems? And what if you could easily fill your teaching schedule with students eager to try your latest ideas? What if you could dramatically increase your coaching skill and knowledge in less than 5 minutes a day? Learn the "secrets" to take your coaching skills to the next level—getting advice from
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Dear Fellow Coaches,

Let’s face it, being a figure skating coach isn’t for everyone. It’s aboutmore than just showing up at the rink. It’s about the development of your students, the bond that you have with them, and the passion you share that brings you to the rink every day.

You coach because you love passing your knowledge on to your skaters. You enjoy watching them grow and develop – the new jumps, the perfected spins, the breakthrough performances … the hours of dedication finally paying off. For their sake (and your own) you’d love to improve your coaching knowledge and skill.

Expert: Trevor Laak

But at times, you’re just not sure how to do that.

Seminars and workshops are great, but you probably don't get the chance to go very often. There just aren't that many to choose from. Plus they're expensive and time consuming, so it's not surprising that you don't go to as many as you'd like.

But you absolutely love to learn and it feels like you're missing something.

What if you could continue to develop your coaching skills,
methods and techniques – without needing to attend
conferences, seminars, and workshops?

What if you could find a learning platform that worked WITH the live events you’re attending? What if you could find information so comprehensive, even if you couldn’t attend any conferences, seminars, or workshops – you could still remain a skilled coach that skating parents respected or even adored? What if the skills you learned were so powerful, other coaches turned to you for advice and guidance? (or at least asked where you were getting such great ideas!)

It’s possible.

Provides hundreds or even thousands of new coaching ideas each year,

Saves your time by editing out "fluff",

Saves you money by providing conference-quality information for less,

Provides consistent weekly updates which keeps you in "learning mode" all year, Allows you to review old content; reinforces and refreshes ideas, and allows you to "go deeper"

Uses quality video so you can see and hear everything without missing any details, and

Shares ideas you can trust from coaches you can trust.

You’ll have instant access to hundreds of archived videos from previous speakers at your fingertips. What’s more, we add weekly videos and new strategies for our coaches every single week.


“I've been coaching for over 20 years and still am amazed you can learn something new every day. Imagine if we could learn from someone highly respected within the skating family, that possesses amazing wisdom, talent, and extraordinary technique! I love the videos, which I can review, learn, and share with my students. "iCoachSkating.com" is a extremely informative site that benefits many coaches of all levels.”

JoAnne Bliss


“I've been coaching for over 20 years and still am amazed you can learn something new every day. Imagine if we could learn from someone highly respected within the skating family, that possesses amazing wisdom, talent, and extraordinary technique! I love the videos, which I can review, learn, and share with my students. "iCoachSkating.com" is a extremely informative site that benefits many coaches of all levels.”

Lindsay Gillis
Imagine, accessing your videos on the ice with your skater – using this information to help them FINALLY perfect that jump they’ve been struggling with. Imagine, becoming known as a “creative” coach at your rink ... and having other coaches come to YOU for advice and guidance. Imagine, knowing you’re being the BEST possible coach you can be; building your knowledge and understanding to make a REAL difference in the lives of your skaters. Imagine, making a difference with your coaching—knowing your student’s parents are 100% satisfied with your skills and approach to teaching. Imagine, setting yourself ABOVE the competition… all from the comfort of home.

Learn the Teaching "Secrets" of Expert Coaches,
from the Comfort of Home!

iCoachSkating.com was created BY Skating Coaches for Coaches

iCoachSkating is a private, exclusive membership website for figure skating coaches. We have access to some of the best figure skating information videos, techniques and tips – meaning you’ll become an efficient coach and your students will optimize their skills.


“The website has really meant a lot to me over the last few months. As my husband is in the Army, I have recently relocated to a rink located on a military base. The majority of the skaters are children from military families. Many start skating as an activity when a parent is deployed; it's a special population to work with, and I want to do everything I can to develop them in the time I have with them. Unfortunately, I do not have other coaches who I am able to learn from locally. Whether I am looking for a creative way to introduce a new skill, tips to correct existing issues, or simply an affirmation in what I have been teaching, iCoachSkating.com has been a tremendous asset to me. I love learning.

Stephanie Carter

That’s why every membership includes:

8 Informational and Instructional Videos
Every Month

Created from EXPERT coaches (you know, Olympic, World and
International coaches, famous and respected specialty coaches and the like).

Hundreds of Archived Videos in Our Vault

Every membership includes full Video Vault access. This Vault is PACKED full with HUNDREDS of videos that cover EVERY aspect of singles skating. And it's searchable!

Comprehensive coverage on key skating components:

From jumps and spins, footwork and turns, basic and advanced skating skills, even choreography; you'll see simple moves for beginning skaters and advanced moves for higher level skaters.

Hundreds of NEW Ideas to help your skaters:

Learn how to help your skaters improve their technique and implement the ideas faster than ever before.

Complete Video Analysis

Videos Often referred to as Dartfish videos, you’ll see the entire break down of a jump or spin in slow motion. You’ll also learn what top coaches watch for and how to use that with your own skaters. This understanding is priceless.

But don’t just take our word for it – try out iCoachSkating.com now and discover how you’ll access over 400 comprehensive videos for LESS than 8 cents a video! We’ll even back our site with a 30-day money back guarantee.


If for whatever reason you decide that iCoachSkating.com isn’t for you, simply send us a message and we’ll refund your payment immediately – for any reason or no reasonat all! It’s that simple. Try our site
out for 30 days. See what amazing videos we have waiting
for you. See it in action for yourself.


“As a coach at beginner levels, it is my biggest scare to teach something wrong so my students will need to unlearn it later. So I really long for drills that are easy and can gradually be made harder and that I can see will give them support for harder levels. iCoachSkating has helped me very much in keeping in mind how to make sure my beginners learn skills that will help them later, and why a particular skill will help so I know which features I need to correct and which are ok to accept. iCoachSkating has also proven to be an excellent tool for training the eye to see where the skater needs a specific help. Regarding a few higher level skaters I have helped, it is with being able to see what was causing them to fail. For example, flying camel spin, double loop, the toe pick on the flip. I would make a wide search on the site to find good tips and use them. ”

Anna Dillen

You’ll Hear From Experts Like:

Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger who coached Michael Weiss and founded Grassroots to Champions Seminars

Olympic coach Michelle Leigh who coached Elvis Stojko

World and International coach Nick Perna who has worked with many World and Olympic skaters as a consulting specialist (he's the pole harness guy)

Chris Conte who is currently recognized as one of the top Dartfish analysis coaches in the world

…And many, many more.

These aren’t just ORDINARY coaches; these are incredibly knowledgeable and successful coaches who are willing to share their most valuable secrets. They've had tremendous success with their own skaters, and they want YOU to have the same kind of success with your skaters

They want YOUR SKATERS to benefit from their knowledge ... through YOU!

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