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Alignment Drill – Mastering Feet Underneath (Nick Perna)

Figure skating coach Nick Perna offers a set of drills intended to improve a skater’s alignment and get them comfortable with their feet under them.  These drills fall under the category of “skating skills.”  Alignment issues plaque skaters of every … Continue reading

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“HOW TO FIGURE SKATE” is a paid membership website with hundreds of high quality figure skating videos on “how to figure skate” and “how to teach figure skating.”  If you KNOW that quality information can make a difference for you or your skater(s), then this website is for you.

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  • Members receive approximately 2 new instructional figure skating videos each week from a coaching expert
  • Each video typically ranges from 3 to 8 minutes in length
  • Each video often covers 3-5 important figure skating tips on the element being discussed
  • All members get full access to EVERY VIDEO on the website!!!
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  • Our faculty represents some of the best coaches in the world, from well-known Olympic Coaches to renown specialists.
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To make the decision to join easy, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.  During the first 30 days of your subscription, you can cancel and request a refund, FOR ANY REASON.  You risk nothing.  Instead, we’re taking the responsibility to provide you with information you can use!

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Our monthly subscription is $29.97 which is extremely economical considering:

  1. If you’re a coach, you’d spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to attend conferences and seminars with this kind of information, and
  2. If you’re an adult skater or skating parent, this is minimal compared to what you’re already spending.

This is an outstanding value based on the knowledge waiting for you inside.

P.S. Not sure if this is right for you?  That’s OK.  Give us a try.  And if you have any problems, we have friendly, professional, and prompt customer support.  You deserve the information here, and we want to make sure you can access it and enjoy it.

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"My Students Are More Confident In Their Skating"


I love your website.  I felt intimidated asking other coaches how they were teaching a skill and I was feeling very insecure about my teaching.  I wanted to be a better coach for my students and for my confidence.


After being part of, I feel so much more confident as a coach! I feel so much more organized and solid in my techniques for teaching.  I feel that I can communicate my techniques so much more clearly and my students respond by learning the skill quicker.


I used to have a really difficult time teaching particular skills. It may sound silly, but I had a hard time teaching a back spin and a flying camel. Now, my students all have amazing back spins, and flying camels!


I think because I am more confident in my teaching, my students are more confident in their skating. THAT is what is most important result of being a member of icoachskating!


Nancy Blackwell-Grieder

Erie, Colorado


Using Split Jump for Double Flip Development – Split Flip (Trevor Laak)

Jump specialist and video analyst Trevor Laak discusses how and why he uses the split jump and split flip as a development tool for double flip.  This is the second follow-up to the analysis video Trevor recorded on a single … Continue reading