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Advanced Layback, Haircutter, Biellmann Spin Lesson (Kim Ryan)

Figure skating spin specialist Kim Ryan works with a long-time student on her layback spins.  There are some nice tips in this video, but one of the main benefits you’ll get from watching this video is to see the outstanding demonstrations. … Continue reading is a paid membership website with hundreds of high quality figure skating videos on “how to figure skate” and “how to teach figure skating.”  If you KNOW that quality information can make a difference for you or your skater(s), then this website is for you.

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Jason Brown Quad Toe Loop Analysis (Trevor Laak)

Jump specialist Trevor Laak comments on a quad toe loop performed by US National Champion Jason Brown.  Trevor discusses how much rotation actually occurs “in the air” and addresses the rarely understood aspect of different amounts of rotation for different … Continue reading

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