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The Lutz Jump – Critical Insights (Chris Conte)

This video by Chris Conte is actually a continuation of his multi-part series on air turns or the Russian Twist where he references this discussion about reach position.  However, the bulk of this discussion is focused on the lutz jump and the theory … Continue reading is a paid membership website with more than 800 high quality figure skating videos on “how to figure skate” and “how to teach figure skating.”  If you KNOW that powerful figure skating tips can make a difference for you or your skater(s), then this website is for you.

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Does Loop Jump Use Pole Vaulting Technique? (Trevor Laak)

Trevor Laak explains and shows how the loop jump CAN indeed be thought of as a vaulting jump.  Historically, the toe jumps in skating (toe loop, flip, and lutz) have been compared to a pole vault, where the picking leg … Continue reading

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