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Off-Ice Jumps – Part 2: Salchow and Landing Tips (Michelle Leigh)

World and Olympic coach Michelle Leigh continues a multi-part series on off-ice jumping.  In Part 1 she focused on some basics and the axel.  In this video, she discusses the salchow and some drills to improve landings. For the off-ice salchow, … Continue reading is a paid membership website with hundreds of high quality figure skating videos on “how to figure skate” and “how to teach figure skating.”  If you KNOW that quality information can make a difference for you or your skater(s), then this website is for you.

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Axel Theory – Pole Vault and Edge Pressure Concepts (Trevor Laak)

Jump specialist Trevor Laak offers 4 examples of double and triple axels showing how elite skaters use a pole-vaulting method to maximize jump height and create maximum rotational energy for the jump.  This is a follow-up or clarification video to … Continue reading

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