Using Objects/Toys to Improve Basic Skating (Amy Brolsma)

Coach Amy Brolsma shares a valuable tip for helping skaters at every level improve their skating skills and their turns. By using objects or toys that the skater can hold with both hands, the coach can reduce the uncontrolled arm movements and help skaters feel their movements and stabilize with their core. Amy likes to use “cones” and one of her favorite drills is to have skaters skate with the cone directly above their heads. This can help skaters of every level and is particularly helpful for skaters learning basic stroking.

By using a cone in front of the body on 3 turns, Amy can reinforce the need to keep the hands and shoulders facing in the correct direction for the turns, both before and after the turn itself, and to keep the body leaning into the circle. The demonstrator also shows how to use the cone above the head on the power three turns from the USFS Preliminary Moves.


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