Teaching the Basic Forward Inside Mohawk (Amy Brolsma)

In this basic skills video, Amy Brolsma provides a framework for teaching beginner skaters the basic forward inside mohawk.  Amy uses a cone to facilitate learning the mohawk more quickly.  The cone helps skaters focus and understand the concept of being on edges and curves.  Amy starts by building control of just the forward inside entry edge by having the skater simply glide around the cone.  The cone provides a reference for the hips and shoulders and arms.  Already at this stage, Amy wants the skater to get used to pressing back on the free arm and she describes where the weight should be on the blade.

To get used to bringing the free leg in close without losing control of the forward inside edge, Amy has the skater repeatedly draw the feet together and then extend while gliding on the edge.  Next, she has the skaters get used to the “step” while hanging on the to the boards.  Amy teaches an open mohawk where the heel of the free foot comes to the instep of the skating foot.  She explains how she teaches it and relates it to the cone to get skaters to open their hips.  To continue to open the hips and get the skater used to the proper edges and weight placement on the blades, Amy uses a two foot glide around the cone with the feet turned out (like an Ina Bauer or spread eagle).  As she notes, most beginner skaters really love this drill.  The drill also teaches body lean and proper positioning of the upper body (facing the cone).

Only after all of the above drills and preparations does Amy have the skaters attempt a mohawk.  Amy notes, “The arms will start that rotation.”  And notice the focus on shoulder and arm movement to help check or stop the rotation.  Amy talks about free leg position both on entry and exit as well as weight placement on the blade.  She likes a “low” mohawk when introducing the skill, where the skater stays down in the knees throughout.  She also shows how to use a hockey stick as a training aid for learning these mohawks.

Because the most common problem with the forward inside mohawk is the exit edge, Amy also makes sure the skater has mastery of simply gliding in the desired position on that edge.  She shows how she assists a skater to develop the correct timing and rhythm and control of the movement.

To see Part 2 of this video covering the forward OUTSIDE mohawk, please click here (If you are a visitor enjoying this video as part of the Annual Top Rated Videos series, please consider a paid subscription for access to the Forward Outside Mohawk presentation.)


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