Using a Balloon for Jump Training – Part 4 (Lorie Charbonneau)

International coach Lorie Charbonneau finishes her presentation on using a simple air-filled balloon as a jump training aid. In Part 1 she introduced the concept and had her skaters demonstrate single jumps as well as axel and double salchow with the balloons. In Part 2 the skaters demonstrated the other double jumps, as well as a few combination jumps. In Part 3 Lorie’s daughter Kate demonstrates using the balloon to learn to jump with both arms up over the head. In this video, Lorie has Kate attempting double lutz with the balloon over the head.

To start this video, Lorie says, “Bravery should never be underestimated for a figure skate” as Kate sets up to attempt a double lutz with the balloon over her head. Kate had not worked on this skill prior to these attempts. Lorie explains that the trial-and-error process is valuable as the skater figures out the skill herself. On the initial attempts, Kate appears to be learning the necessary timing and core and shoulder movements.

And after rotating a couple, her focus switches to speeding up the landing movements. Lorie says, “The other thing this exercise does with double jumps, you have to be really quick with checking out.” This includes the free leg movement as well as forward upper body pressure. Kate explains what she was thinking about and what the process was like for her. Because the balloon reduces the arm and shoulder wind-up and because the arms are more open in the air, Kate focused on more quickness in the core during take-off, getting the feet tight sooner, and preparing earlier to get the upper body forward on landing. Obviously, all these things are critical for triple jump development.


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