Triple Flip Triple Toe Loop Combination Lesson (Rohene Ward)

Coach and choreographer Rohene Ward gives a jump lesson to eventual 2022 US Ladies Champion Mariah Bell (this video was taken several years before she won her national title). This lesson focuses entirely on the triple flip triple toe combination jump which Mariah was working on at the time. Rohene has her do a double flip double toe double toe 3-jump combination as a way to feel the hips check and release for the toe loops. He is concerned that she checks the hips too hard (or for too long) when attempting the triple toe. He uses various descriptions including “too much hesitation” or “let the pivot happen on the toe.” He also says, “More attack. You almost have to be like you know you’re going to land the flip” which automatically prepares the body for the second jump.

Rohene also mentions the need to have less tension in the free leg on the landing of the flip, and a focus on finishing the toe loop take-off (through the first and second up). After another attempt, the focus switches to alignment and Rohene has Mariah balance on one foot in the reach position as a way to feel the desired alignment. The next attempt has improved alignment and timing, but Mariah doesn’t trust this feeling and allows the body to drift outside the circle on the take-off of the toe loop. At this stage of the lesson, fatigue is also probably and issue, and Rohene notes that, “It just should be natural. It can’t be a forced thing.”


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