Adult Skaters Loops Jump Tips (Trevor Laak)

Trevor Laak discusses the loop jump, particularly as it relates to adult skaters.  There are two key issues for loop jump that are often misunderstood by skaters and coaches, and just understanding these can cause a breakthrough for the skater.

The first point is that the loop jump takes off forward.  Many coaches still teach that a loop jump comes off a back outside edge and adult skaters (and young skaters) that are particularly literal will try to do just that.  But as Trevor demonstrates in this video, a loop jump actually leaves the ice forward and from the toe pick.

When introducing the loop jump, Trevor likes to use the forward inside three turn entrance and use the natural rotation to help skaters feel the pivot to forward prior to jumping.  A good loop jump is created by edge pressure but nearly every skater initially learning a loop jump is not yet advanced enough to create the necessary edge pressure.  The forward inside three turn entrance allows the skater to learn the jump without the skills they would need using other entrances.

The second point Trevor makes in this video is that the free foot stays across during the entire jump.  Unfortunately, it’s extremely common for low level skaters to pull the free foot away from the landing side in an effort to create rotational energy, but this destroys the alignment.  As skaters advance and begin attempting doubles and triples, any strong sideways movement of the free leg and foot dramatically complicates the jump.  As Trevor notes in this video, virtually no triple loops have the free foot uncrossed during the jump entrance.  When skaters learn to throw the free foot, it makes correcting it later an unnecessary challenge.

This video was originally shot as part of a promotion for adult skaters, but the information is of course appropriate for young skaters as well.


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