The Loop Jump – Survey Results Part 1 (Trevor Laak)

Jump specialist Trevor Laak begins a multiple part series on the loop jump.  A few months prior to posting this video, Trevor asked iCoachSkating subscribers to take a survey about the loop jump.  The survey consisted of 15 multiple choice questions.  Responses from coaches and skaters were separated, and a relatively clear picture of the current level of understanding regarding the loop jump is available from the survey results.

In this video, Trevor introduces the series and addresses the first 3 questions of the survey.  He provides the survey questions, the multiple choice answers, the survey results, the correct answer, and video examples demonstrating the correct answer.  To summarize the details of this video:  A loop jump takes off forward, with the skater’s shoulders and foot facing forward toward the landing.  Also, a good loop jump leaves the ice from the toe pick.  As you’ll see in the video, the survey results indicate there is still some confusion regarding these concepts, especially among skaters.

When you finish the video below, please check out Part 2 here.


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