Figure Skating Jump Landing Tips: (Trevor Laak)

Trevor Laak provides some video examples to demonstrate what actually happens with the free leg on a jump landing.  This video is a follow-up to a jump landings video by Michelle Leigh and is intended to clarify the important concepts.

Using 7 triples and one double axel as examples, Trevor clarifies what actually happens on a typical jump landing.  The actual movement of the free leg appears to be dependent on the amount of excess flight time a skater has and how familiar a skater is with a given jump.  The video focuses on the description by Michelle Leigh of the free foot coming forward and then around and back.  Many coaches teach landings only as a lifting of the free knee into an h-position, and then pushing the free foot straight back.  The video shows that both ideas are correct, but Michelle’s explanation fits what is actually seen a little better.

As Trevor notes, it is not clear if teaching the foot-forward-around-and-back method helps skaters land new jumps more quickly or not but all skaters generally have to go through this stage when learning the multi-rotation jumps.

If you want more videos like this one, please leave a comment.


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