Toe Loop Myths Clarified – Video Examples (Trevor Laak)

Trevor Laak provides clarification using video examples for a recent video by Audrey Weisiger on toe loop myths.  In this video, Trevor addresses these myths and shows they are not true.

Myth 1:  On a toe loop a skater should reach back as far as possible and put the toe pick in as far back as possible.  This is false.  Although a skater should reach back as far as possible, there is a scissoring motion of the feet drawing together before the toe pick goes into the ice.  The feet are only separated by 6-10 inches from front to back on a good toe loop (single, double, triple, or quad).

Myth 2: On a toe loop a skater should place the toe pick into the ice directly behind them with the toe pointing straight down.  This is false.  The picking foot should be slightly open or turned out to facilitate the required pivoting on the toe pick.

As a bonus, Trevor also addresses this myth:

Myth 3: On a toe loop the skater reaches back with a straight leg and the picking leg remains straight throughout the jump take-off.  This is also false.  The video clearly shows the picking leg bends.

In the slow motion video, you may also observe the pivot or turning on the toe pick before the take-off.  Many skaters and coaches do not realize that the toe pick turns on the ice, so this qualifies as yet another myth.

Trevor also discusses the importance of the reach.  Please leave a comment.


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