Jason Brown Quad Toe Loop Analysis (Trevor Laak)

Jump specialist Trevor Laak comments on a quad toe loop performed by US National Champion Jason Brown.  Trevor discusses how much rotation actually occurs “in the air” and addresses the rarely understood aspect of different amounts of rotation for different parts of the body.

He also analyzes the jump and explains aspects of the jump that are excellent and those that could be improved.  He also touches on aspects that are common but often misunderstood, as well as aspects of the jump that are unusual but not wrong.

First, here is the jump Trevor is analyzing.  This video was taken on a recent trip that he made to visit Kori Ade and her team of skaters and coaches.  The voice in the video is that of coach and choreographer Rohene Ward as he was wearing the wireless microphone at the time and teaching a different lesson.


Below is the analysis by Trevor.


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