Tips for Double Loop Combinations (Sheila Thelen)

Figure skating coach Sheila Thelen gives a lesson on the double loop, double loop combination jump.  The progress this skater makes during this relatively short lesson is amazing. The first attempts have the skater spending too much time on the ice between the jumps and opening the free side dramatically. The skater is able to make important corrections, and Sheila offers valuable tips and insights for any combination where the double loop is the second or third jump of the combo.

Sheila focuses on time “on the ice” between the jumps. She measures the skater’s time on the ice at 0.70 seconds and says she would like it at 0.50 seconds. By measuring it, the skater can focus on it and get tangible feedback from one attempt to the next, which is highly motivating. And to address the skater’s tendency to open the hips and the shoulders, Sheila offers a great tip. She has the skater “drag the toe pick” of the free foot on the ice, inside the take-off circle between the jumps. This forces the body to remain more square and helps the skater properly use the hips and skating foot to pivot to forward for the second jump. She has the skater get used to this concept with a single loop single loop combo. She also uses the “bite the coat” method to prevent unwanted head movement. The skater lands the double double combination to end the lesson.


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