The Stomping Drill (Nick Perna)

International coach Nick Perna talks about “stomping” and how and why to use it in figure skating. He calls these exercises “The Stomping Drill.” Nick says, “If you can hit any edge at any time in a gliding position, whether it’s an active edge or a passive edge, you should be able to stomp.” Nick explains that the “stomping spot” is the spot on the blade “where your weight is bearing when you’re standing still.”

Nick demonstrates how to use stomping with crossovers, three turns, mohawks, and the axel setup, step, and weight transfer. He notes it can be used with all skating moves, dance steps, edges, jumps, and figure eights.  Nick says, “Anytime you feel like your skater is a little bit off balance, see where their weight is.” He continues, “It’s very good for your alignment and it gives you instant feedback whether you’re in the right position or not.” Nick says his skaters really like this drill, especially his adult skaters.

Next, Nick discusses weight transfer jumps and the idea of stomping in jump walk-throughs. He notes that we don’t step out when collecting into the rotational position for a jump, but rather we simply step down under our hip. The stomp also helps simulate floxing where the heel is down and the toe is up on the landing foot in order to more quickly and forcefully straighten the landing leg in the air.


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