Edge Control With Turns (Nick Perna)

International and World figure skating coach Nick Perna explains and demonstrates a simple drill he uses to build edge control and complete mastery of turns.  This video is a follow-up to his video on the Shut Up Drill.  The concept of this drill is straightforward, but it can be incredibly challenging for all but the very best skaters in terms of control and mastery of edges and turns.

Using the big hockey circle as an example, Nick wants the skater to be able to enter and exit the basic turns (inside and outside 3-turns, brackets, mohawks, choctaws, etc) with complete control while gliding on the circle.  (This drill could be referred to the Shut Up Drill With Turns.) Nick says a skater that has mastered a turn should be able to do a turn on a “circle of your choice, and it has to be done with the speed, the cadence, and the size that you want to do… not that the turn is dictating.”

Most skaters, even those with a school figures background, simply lack the control to maintain the circle after the turn.  As Nick explains, skaters who do this drill “really do see what the issues are.”  It comes down to overall body alignment, rotational control, and proper blade usage before, during, and after the turn.


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