The Lutz Class – Part 2 (Audrey Weisiger)

In this video from a few years ago, World and Olympic figure skating coach Audrey Weisiger continues with an on-ice lutz class at one of her acclaimed Grassroots to Champions seminars. In part 1 of the lutz class, Audrey shared a lot of information including theory, print/tracing on the ice, exercises, and demonstrations. In this short video, Audrey shares another exercise and talks about the “sound” of a good lutz.

To start this video, Audrey has the class do a simple picking exercise that emphasizes the outside edge the toe flick. As Audrey notes, this can be done initially with no rotation or jump, but can be developed further to include some pivot (rotation) and a small hop (jump).  Audrey notes, “When you see a good double lutz, you also hear a good double lutz.” She explains what creates the sound. Audrey also points out that lutzes and flip jumps on a flat may not score well now or in the future. Having a clear edge will help get the proper call every time along with maximum GOE scores.

Audrey is not a fan of “doing a lot of stuff” before jumps. As she notes, this can improve IJS scoring if the “stuff” makes the entry more difficult. The lutz is one jump where there is usually a lot of “extraneous stuff” that is there primarily to try to get a skater with poor technique onto an outside edge, or to make it “look” like an outside edge. Hopefully, it’s not fooling the technical panel or the judges.

In the demonstrations of double lutzes at the end of the video, notice how the skaters definitely struggle with maintaining the outside edge. Only one of the 4 attempts was off a clear outside edge.


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