Teaching Turns Using “Hitchy Coo” – Part 2 (Nick Perna)

International and World figure skating coach Nick Perna continues his explanation of how he teaches turns for complete mastery.  In the first part of this video, Nick showed how he teaches a forward outside three-turn on a straight line using what he calls a “hitchy coo.”  In this video, he shows how the other 3-turns look and how they should be mastered using the hitchy coo.  This includes the forward inside 3-turn, the back outside 3-turn and the back inside 3-turn.

Nick begins this video by showing the “forward inside 3-turn” on a straight line.  He explains the stop is harder as most skaters will fall back in the direction they came from rather than falling into the direction of the turn, and the hitchy coo is also harder since there is less assistance from the free leg.  He shows how hopping can make the hitchy coo much easier  Next, Nick explains and demonstrates the backward turns.  As he notes, these are much harder than the forward turns.

Once a skaters has mastered the turns on a straight line, Nick uses two more drills before taking the turns to a circle.  The first has the skater enter on a straight and exit on a circle, and the other has the skater enter on a circle and exit on a straight.  He also allows skaters to enter on a circle, switch to a flat (straight), stop and hitchy coo onto a flat (straight), then switch to a circle. Obviously these drills build complete mastery of all turns, making this system one of the most effective ways for skaters to learn turns.


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