Specialty Figures – Maltese Cross… More (Kirsten Olson)

Specialty figures expert Kirsten Olson offers more insights about the Maltese Cross specialty figure as she works with a group of skaters on the pattern.  This video acts as a continuation of Kirsten’s presentation on Fishtails/Crosscuts and the Maltese Cross.  Here we see how she works with skaters who are struggling with the movements.  Notice how she uses the barrier to help skaters gain control of the crosscuts.  And there’s a huge focus on slowing down in this video, as these skaters all want to go very fast.

At the end of the video, Kirsten demonstrates the Maltese Cross using the much harder outside crosscuts.  She did this to prove that it is indeed possible, as many skater and coaches might assume it is not.  If you are working on this specialty figure, the demonstrations and attempts by the various skaters provide helpful clues to body alignment and shoulder against hip movement.


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