Specialty Figures – Crosscut Loop Clover (Kirsten Olson)

Specialty figures expert Kirsten Olson teaches another specialty figure that uses crosscuts, edge changes, and forward outside loops to create a clover pattern on the ice.  You can see Kirsten’s other videos on specialty figures here:  Fishtails/Crosscuts, Maltese Cross, Maltese Cross – Group, and Angel Wings.

In this video, Kirsten draws part of the pattern on the ice, then shows how to skate the pattern.  By using the crosscuts she has taught previously, putting it all together with the forward outside loops creates the clover pattern.  This specialty figure is relatively large and requires excellent edge control and power generation to complete with symmetry.  Although Kirsten does not offer many insights about the specifics of this pattern, her demonstration will help many skaters and coaches understand shoulder movement, alignment, and necessary edge pressure.


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