Some Fundamentals of Cross Strokes or Cross Rolls (Douglas Webster)

Professional choreographer Douglas Webster gives a skater a lesson on cross strokes. Doug focuses almost entirely on the free leg and hip position on the preparation of the entry edge of the cross stroke. This information is rarely discussed in this kind of detail, and Doug does a nice job of correcting the skater so we can see and understand these important principles.

So many skaters struggle with an open or lifted free hip on the preparation for cross strokes. And many coaches even teach it this way. But when done correctly, for maximum power generation and control the hips should be square to the lobe or curve and be level. As Doug notes, the desired turnout of the free foot should come from an awareness and mobility of the hip joint, not from turnout of the entire pelvis.

If a skater cannot get turnout by rotating the upper leg bone in the ball and socket joint of the hip, the skater should skate this pattern without turnout rather than use incorrect hip position. This is a great video for digging deep on this important skill.


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