Look Where You’re Going (Douglas Webster)

Professional choreographer Douglas Webster continues his class on warming up properly after stepping onto the ice.  In the first video, Doug focused on exercises intended to warm up the knees and ankles.  In the second video, he focuses on the cross stroke as a warm-up exercise.  In this video, he discusses visual focus and looking where you’re going as a general principle that should be trained as part of warming up.

Doug talks about the importance of limiting the focus of our movements.  He has the class do an exercise where they step forward as though they were doing and axel or waltz jump, while looking in the direction of travel.  He has the class repeat this in their non-dominant direction.  He says, “Glide for as long as you can.  Where are you looking?  Hold it.  Where’s your head?  Where are your eyes?  Where’s your focus?”  He reminds us that we tend to go where our focus is.

Doug then gathers the class and reviews the important concepts for warming up properly.  And he adds this advice.  “You just want to know where you’re going.  Which is a very important direction in life.”  He offers further life skills advice:  “Some times in life, it’s better to slow down.”  Amen.


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