Skater Development Insights (Chris Conte)

In this video, International coach Chris Conte continues a lesson with a male skater who he had worked with earlier on skating skills. You can watch those videos here Part 1 – Tips on Forward Stroking and here Part 2 – Tips On Forward Crossovers. Chris notes that he thinks this skater has potential in terms of charisma and personality. He explains that many skaters start out reserved, but then really blossom over time. Chris also notes that the skating skills work he did earlier with this skater has paid off as the skater is skating faster and more confidently. Chris argues that working skating skills before jumping is very beneficial for jumping. He says, “Stroking is jumping. It’s just done faster.”

On the double salchow attempt, Chris is concerned about the skater’s tendency to turn the head. Chris wants the head anchored in a neutral position or even turned to the right slightly. He’s also concerned about the air position, but not enough to focus too much on it yet with this skater. To improve the air position and also improve the lower body movements at landing, Chris wants the skater to rotate the jump and land the jump in frame position with the arms. The “openness” of the arms in frame should help most skaters to close the legs to a better air position (without actually telling them anything about their legs).


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