Similarity of Skating Jumps to the Golf Swing – Part 2 (Chris Conte)

International coach Chris Conte continues his discussion of his “infamous golf swing video” and describes how the golf swing is similar to figure skating jumps. In Part 1, Chris gave the history of the video and concept, and compared a golf swing to a triple toe loop.

In this video, Chris compares a golf swing to a huge triple lutz (by Victoria Volchkova). Both videos have “projectile” movement away from the camera. These two vastly different athletic movements are overlayed (skater’s body directly over golfer’s body) on one video for analysis, and it turns out they aren’t so different after all. Chris talks about the preparatory movements of a skating jump as “the back swing” and it matches the back swing of the golf swing in many ways. Just like in Part 1, Chris points out the matching angles, loading, release of energy through the hips, and surprisingly correlated timing of the overall movements.

During his discussion, Chris gives more insights about how he applies this to off-ice jumping for figure skaters (which is always important, but especially important during the pandemic). He says, “Everything I teach in off-ice jumping is to synch up that line of flow and the direction of the take-off, to maximize both vertical and rotational acceleration at that moment.”

In the original “infamous golf swing video” Chris also overlayed the video so that it looks like the golfer is “hitting” the skater up and into rotation (rather than the ball). He shows how the ball flight and the skater’s center of mass and axis of rotation move along the same plane.

To end this video, Chris hints at his upcoming videos on iCoachSkating that will discuss how he teaches standing double off-ice jumps. It will consist of “the back swing, “the drop or down stroke or loading phase,” and “the up stroke or exploding phase.” Chris notes that a golf swing is more complicated than this, but simplifying the skating jump to just three things is helpful for teaching and learning.


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