Similarity of Skating Jumps to the Golf Swing – Part 1 (Chris Conte)

International coach Chris Conte walks us through the history of the “infamous golf swing video” and describes how the golf swing is similar to figure skating jumps. Obviously both sports rely on rotational energy and power, and Chris discovered some very interesting similarities well over a decade ago. Chris has been sharing this video at seminars for years. He first noticed these similarities when he obtained his first Dartfish video analysis software many years ago. He also compared figure skating jumps to other sports, but the closest correlation he could find was with the golf swing. In fact, Chris teaches “the basic swing of a figure skating jump” to help skaters develop the proper movements and timing.

In this video, Chris walks us through a Dartfish overlay of the side view of a golf swing and a quad toe loop (from a forward inside three turn entrance). The most striking thing is how similar the timing is, but as Chris notes, there are also similarities in preparation angles, ground force loading, hip/glute engagement, and flight/follow-through positions and angles as well. As Chris notes, one big difference in skating is that “we become the ball… we become the projectile.” In Part 2 of this series (the next portion of the “infamous golf swing video”), Chris will compare a triple lutz to the golf swing.


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