Self Massage for Muscle Recovery – Part 2 (Kristina Anderson)

Figure skating coach and certified strength and conditioning expert Kristina Anderson continues her discussion of self-massage techniques and tools for addressing muscle tightness and soreness. In Part 1, she shared a short routine or flow pattern for using a foam roller on the hamstrings, glutes, IT (iliotibial) bands, quadraceps, and the hip flexors.

In this video she shows how to use a foam roller on the calves, focusing on how to generate enough pressure to create a benefit. She also discusses using a tennis ball for self massage rather than a foam roller. She demonstrates how to use it on the calves and quadraceps. She then explains and demonstrates the use of a “stick” massage tool, noting that it typically does not create deep changes in the muscles, but does create surface level benefits. These tools are surprisingly convenient and can be used anywhere.

Kristina takes a few moments to acknowledge the primary reason skaters may not like to use a foam roller or other self massage techniques. For some athletes, and especially those who do not self-massage regularly or those that are naturally tight all the time, it can be quite painful. These athletes should use a foam roller regularly to build up their tolerance to the discomfort, and they can start with softer rollers and work up to hard or firm rollers and eventually those with knobs.


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