Rhythm, Tempo, and Control on Double Salchow (Chris Conte)

International coach Chris Conte gives a double salchow lesson. To start the lesson, he focuses on the forward outside three turn entry, and in particular, getting the free foot either on or even outside the tracing (but not inside) to ensure control of the three turn exit. Next Chris addresses the tempo and rhythm of the jump, where he specifies the timing to encourage the skater to speed up the edge pressure and pivot up into the jump. He uses a “ready, aim, fire” description to help the skater remember to set the direction, control the turn, and proceed directly to the jump without waiting.

Chris takes the skater to the board to work on the three turn. We cannot see it clearly in the video, but Chris is trying to initially keep the free foot behind and outside the circle so ensure control. He describes the position as being the same as a “lutz take-off position’ (actually lutz preparation position – the reach) except on an inside edge. He wants the skater’s center of mass inside the circle but the free toe outside. He explains he doesn’t want the skater to “leak” on the three turn where the upper body drifts outside the circle and to compensate, they put the free foot inside the circle.

Next, Chris does a drill where he has the skaters think of the wall as a magnet or vacuum cleaner, in an attempt to get them to feel the control and proper direction of the three turn. He finishes by clarifying what each word of “ready, aim, fire” means. Notice the need to complete the entire jump take-off by the end of the word “fire.” You can see how the skater is unable or reluctant to quickly and powerfully pivot into the jump take-off.


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