On-Ice Warmup Sequence – Part 3 (Amy Brolsma)

Coach Amy Brolsma continues her presentation on a sequence of warm-up drills that she uses as an on-ice warmup with her skaters. The primary goal is to get the skaters moving and fully warmed up, but coaches can also monitor the warm-up to better understand the focus and motivation level of a skater on a given day. In Part 1 Amy explained the purpose of this kind of warm-up and how she starts it. In Part 2, she offered more drills with turns and extension and flexibility emphasis.

In this video, Amy begins by acknowledging that some skaters may not yet be ready for some of these drills, and she offers insights about where to focus with those skaters. In particular, skaters can don’t have command of their outside edges really shouldn’t be trying to warm up with rockers and counters (or even brackets for that matter). In cases where skaters lack edge control, Amy recommends focusing more on edge control “games,” power pulls, and cross strokes.

Next, Amy shares a choctaw pattern consisting of repeating a choctaw and a cross-stroke over and over (alternating sides). This exercise offers a challenge to maintain speed, while learning to control and deepen the back outside edges.

Finally, Amy explains that she likes to use a loop drill if she feels she needs to get a skater physically warmed up quickly. The drill is simply a back inside loop followed by a back outside loop, repeated over and over. Notice that this drill is performed entirely on one foot (which is why it warms up the skater so well) and requires solid loops and good balance.


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