On-Ice Warmup Sequence – Part 2 (Amy Brolsma)

Coach Amy Brolsma continues her presentation on a sequence of warm-up drills that she uses as an on-ice warmup with her skaters. The primary goal is to get the skaters moving and fully warmed up, but coaches can also monitor the warm-up to better understand the focus and motivation level of a skater on a given day. In Part 1 Amy explained the purpose of this kind of warm-up and how she starts it.

In this video, Amy continues with the next sequence of drills, beginning with what she calls a “rocker power pull pattern” consisting of a forward rocker, two power pulls, backward rocker, and two power pulls. The sequence is repeated down the ice and for all direction and edge combinations. Notice that this pattern is done entirely on one foot without any steps, and Amy notes this drill helps skaters “work on their edges, work on their rhythm, and also really force them to get into their knees.” This drill is particularly beneficial for skaters who lack speed on their rocker exits.

After warming up the skaters’ legs and getting their heartrate up, Amy has them focus on “stretching” by doing spiral patterns. She shows one she likes for non-busy sessions, and suggests options for those times when more skaters are on the ice. Amy also likes doing Ina Bauers and spread eagles with this exercise. She suggests doing these stretching exercises at the end of training sessions as well.


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