Off-Ice Jumps – Part 3: Toe Loops (Michelle Leigh)

World and Olympic coach Michelle Leigh continues a multi-part series on off-ice jumping.  In Part 1 she focused on some basics and the axel.  In Part 2, she discussed the salchow and some drills to improve landings.  In this video, she focuses on the off-ice toe loop.

As Michelle explains, it’s essentially impossible to do an off-ice toe loop with correct technique.  Because there is no way to effectively simulate the flow and weight transfer of a real jump on the ice, the off-ice toe loop will almost always be an axel. Michelle warns against letting skaters get used to this incorrect feeling for toe loop. Because of this, Michelle does not like to do off-ice toe loops at all, except as the second jump of a combination and only when the skater has strong on-ice toe loop technique.  Michelle also shares a hopping drill for simulating the toe loop take-off.

Check out all the videos in this series: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6.


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