Off-Ice Jump Power Training With Feedback (Matthew Blair Davis)

Figure skating strength and conditioning expert Matthew Blair Davis talks about one of the methods he uses to train his skaters for jump power. In the video, Matthew has his skater standing on a jump mat and she is wearing a waist belt that is attached to a Kaiser Infinity Series Functional Trainer with 5 pounds of resistance. The jump mat tells Matthew how high the skater jumps, and the Kaiser Functional Trainer tells him the skater’s peak power number for each jump. Matthew says, “When I train a skater for jump power, I want to know what their power is and I also want to know how high they jump.”

Notice how Matthew can make accurate comparisons between jump attempts. This can be very helpful, particularly for skater motivation. Matthew discusses alternative methods of providing resistance and other ways of measuring results. But this (expensive) setup is the best in terms of providing feedback about each attempt.

2-leg vertical jump training is an integral part of jump power training, even though all on-ice jumps come off one leg. Matthew notes how important it is to limit repetitions when doing this kind of training. As an upper limit he recommends just 10 reps of this 2-leg jump drill.


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