Ice Skating Edge Training: The Crab Walk Drill – Outside (Nick Perna)

Nick Perna continues a series of videos covering drills and exercises he uses to help his skaters develop power, agility, coordination, and edge control and awareness.  In the first three videos in this series, Nick taught the Bread Drill, the Banana Drill, and the Crab Walk Drill (inside edge version).  In this video, Nick teaches the outside edge version of the Crab Walk Drill.

This drill is difficult and appropriate for advanced skaters.  It’s a great drill for helping skaters develop more flexibility and mobility in their hips.  Nick demonstrates the drill first on back outside edges.  Nick explains it as a back cross stroke where you cross in front.  It’s much harder than the back inside version because it’s harder to keep the weight in the center as the feet come around.

The forward outside crab walk is similar to a forward cross stroke except you cross behind instead of in front.  Watch Nick move backwards while skating forwards on outside edges.  It’s a good challenge.


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