More Double Loop, Part 2 (Sheila Thelen)

This video is a continuation of a lesson Sheila Thelen is giving a skater on the double loop. In Part 1 Sheila focused on proper air position and quick landings. In this part of the lesson, she focuses on head position and movement, shoulder movement, hip movement, and again on air position.

Sheila begins by discussing her concepts of “The Side of Life” and “The Side of Death.” This way of thinking about the axis and non-axis sides is meant as a funny but memorable way to explain the importance of staying on the axis side.

One important concept that will help most skaters is the idea that the skater’s bottom or hips should lead the rotation. The idea of having the hips lead essentially forces the skater to press on the edge and create a strong active take-off edge.

Next Sheila talks at length about head position, and she uses her now-famous “bite the coat” drill to try to get the skater to maintain a proper head position throughout the jump take-off. Just as a reminder, the skater bites the axis side coat collar. To correct a major head issue, Sheila estimates that it takes “a good 2 or 3 months” of consistent effort to fix the problem.


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