Miscellaneous Off-Ice Training Ideas (Audrey Weisiger)

In this very short video, World and Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger covers a few different off-ice exercise options. Many skaters jump rope as a way to warm up the body for skating, but they rarely focus on anything specific or technical and just jump. Here Audrey encourages the skaters to lock out the legs or completely straighten them in the air, especially on multi-turn rope jumping (double jumping, triple jumping). This can be done when jumping on two feet or on one foot, and skaters can even work on flexing the toes in the air (floxing). Another key to good rope jumping technique is keeping the head as still as possible. Notice the alignment and “stillness” of the high level skaters.

On the two foot air turns on the floor, notice the small hop-arounds as well as the repeated changes of direction. Audrey says, “Start working on your flox on the floor. If you can when you jump, flex the bottom foot (axis foot). It’s harder (on the floor), it’s actually easier on the ice.” In terms of hamstring flexibility and core engagement, locked leg high kicks are excellent for working mobility, as are “inchworms” that are demonstrated in the video.


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