Mindset of Popping and Fear (Nick Perna)

In this video, International coach and jump specialist Nick Perna continues giving a lesson on double toe loop where the skater has a mental block in terms of crossing the feet in the air. In the first part of this lesson, Nick essentially proved that it’s a fear issue for this skater, and not something technical with the jump.

As such, Nick takes a few minutes to discuss this issue by comparing it to something as simple as jumping in a pool at a party. Nobody needs a lesson in “how” to jump in a pool, so teaching someone how to jump in a pool isn’t an effective solution. Usually it comes down to just needing a reason to jump in.

But figure skating coaches often focus on technical things when the issue is really something else. This is a very understandable way of explaining this, and it’s an important reminder or lesson for both coaches and skaters.

To finish this video, Nick asks the skater to do a toe loop push back drill at the wall as a way to work on continuing to feel the proper movements for the double toe loop. As he explains, this is basically the same as doing standstill jumps in space, but with a little extra momentum from pushing off the wall.


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