Figure Skating Tips: Jump Class – Part 6 (Michelle Leigh)

Olympic coach Michelle Leigh finishes her 6-part on-ice jumps class for some young skaters.  (On-ice jumps Part 1On-ice jumps Part 2On-ice jumps Part 3On-ice jumps Part 4On-ice jumps Part 5)

In this short video, Michelle has the class doing drills for double loop.  Her initial focus is on crossing the feet and then lifting so that the free foot lifts just on the outside of the skating leg.  Notice the continual focus on head stillness!

Michelle also discusses arms and shoulder position and movement and then progresses to the single loop into backspin.  In the backspin, Michelle wants the feet to touch.  This is actually a more precise definition than ankle contact as we want the feet to connect in the air on a multi-rotation jump, not just the ankles!

Thanks Michelle for a great on-ice class!


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