Figure Skating Tips: Jump Class – Part 5 (Michelle Leigh)

Olympic coach Michelle Leigh continues with the fifth part of her multi-video on-ice jumps class to some young skaters.  (On-ice jumps Part 1On-ice jumps Part 2On-ice jumps Part 3On-ice jumps Part 4)

In this video, Michelle focuses on double salchow with the class.  She begins with more drills as the barrier to work on the skater head position throughout the jump.  Michelle uses the reflection in the plexi-glass to help keep the skater’s head from turning throughout the jump entrance.  The jump should be moving directly away from the wall for this to work properly.  Notice the repeated references to “tight” simulated air position with the hands pulled in but held up high.  Michelle wants the hands high.  Also notice the exit the skaters use as part of the drill at the wall.

Michelle also wants the free knee to lift at take-off.  Notice that she asks them to raise the free knee all the way up to hip height.  (This may be a slight exaggeration since these demonstrators we having a hard time lifting the knee at all or this may be exactly where Michelle wants it on all of her skaters.)  To work on this, Michelle does another drill at the wall that allows the skater to feel the knee lift without worrying about balance or rotation.  Notice how she adds head positioning to this drill as well.

When addressing the tight and strong rotational position, Michelle demonstrates a great hands-on drill.  This “spread eagle” drill with a flip to backwards (from one foot gliding backwards to both) works on the skater’s upper body strength or ability to pull in against the rotational forces and the core strength needed to stabilize the jump and air position.

At the end of the video, you can watch Michelle troubleshooting issues with individual skates as they attempt full double salchows.  Notice the same focus points as the earlier drills, verifying the value and validity of those drills for these skaters.


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