Mastering The “Scotty Turn” (Douglas Webster)

Professional choreographer Douglas Webster works with a skater to improve a section of her program.  The focus of this video is an unnamed turn or step that is sometimes called the Scott Hamilton turn, the Scotty turn, the flip-flop, or the helicopter in the USA.  Doug offers some excellent tips to help master this skill.  First he notes that the edge of the entry mohawk is creating rotation and has edge pressure which forces the entire body to turn.  On the forward inside edge, the free foot slides forward or as Doug says, “Slip it out, so it doesn’t just hang underneath me. But I’m actually going to do slip steps.”  It’s also important to keep the head and eyes up and keep the rotation constant (no spotting).

Next Doug has the skater work on the turns in the other direction and highlights the need to push (edge pressure) on the back inside edge prior to the turn.  Another great tip is to open the shoulder in the direction of the turns.  The shoulders can block the rotation if not allowed to open and move freely.  The lesson finishes by putting the turns back into the program choreography.  Notice the dramatic improvement in this skill between the beginning and end of the video.


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