Choreography – Polishing a Footwork Sequence (Douglas Webster)

Professional choreographer Douglas Webster works with a skater to improve a circular step sequence in her program.  In this video we see Doug teaching and offering insights about a program put together by a different choreographer.  The value in this video is mostly a result of how Doug teaches the skater to improve the execution of the already existing choreography, as well as making small changes to enhance the overall strength of the performance.

Notice the focus on bending and pushing and exaggerating the movements that are already there.  Doug brings out the “edge quality” of the performance as well as the power.  Much of the lesson is spent on an inside spread eagle pushing into a reverse Bauer.  This is a fun move that skaters of nearly all levels can master.  Doug also focuses on the execution of a forward inside rocker.  He asks for more “ankle bend” meaning more ankle pronation and supination (not just flexion and extension).  He also discusses the theory of power generation on an edge and offers this advice, “You always want to ground yourself at the impetus of the push… the feet need to be gathered together.”


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